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About us

HirexCar is a local car industry expert who has been around for years and understands every nook and cranny of the UAE vehicle industry.

This knowledge and experience garnered by the company not only translates to a convenient and professional experience for you, the end-user, but it also ensures that you get the best priced deals since our business model (which has been fine-tuned through a gruesome process of trial and error) enables us to keep our costs low and therefore charge you less.

Our experts thoroughly check our vehicles before presenting them to you, and after receiving them back.

This way you are assured that the vehicle you receive is in tip-top shape, and no sudden and unpleasant breakdowns occur with your leased vehicle. Stories of individuals only three days into their vehicle lease experiencing breakdowns and then not having the car rental company take responsibility of such an occurrence is a sad reality and we distinguish ourselves by not following such greedy and unethical business practices.


Finally and quintessentially, our services are custom made to tailor fit your needs. Whether you are a business requiring a large fleet of similar vehicles, or an individual visiting Dubai in need of a private luxury car paired with a chauffeur ready to greet you the second you land in Dubai International Airport, HirexCar is ready to simplify your car rental needs under one roof

Our vehicles are excellently maintained and require only a meager deposit prior to their handover.


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